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Celebrating SULTRY Company's Rebranding and Grand Reopening

Bailor Group is Proud to Get to Celebrate This Amazing Milestone with Client, SULTRY Company.

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Team Bailor Group | Huntsville Madison County Chamber of Commerce

Bailor Group LLC is proud to be the growth consultant chosen by SULTRY Company owner, Tiara Trudeau-Gullotta. We have been honored to lead the charge on changing the public perception of such a mission-minded brand, and owner. SULTRY Company is a true disruptor in their industry. Utilizing an industry – even one that comes with some stigma – to make a such massive positive impacts on the sexual health & wellness of people’s lives is a mission we can support 100%.

Our quest became showcasing SULTRY’s story and mission to the public, helping change the public perception due to the industry they sit in. So far, we have put the company through a complete rebrand; from logo to messaging. We were able to help the owner with some decisions throughout her building exterior renovation decisions. We then turned our attention to public relations and helping bring the story and mission of SULTRY Company to the public. From articles and press releases, to personally carrying the story strategically to each meeting we held on their behalf.

Bringing owner, Tiara, and the entire SULTRY Company team and brand through this process has been rewarding as a growth consultant. Growth is not always easy. However, the other side of growth is truly worth the journey. We are proud to be working with this phenomenal team and are excited and energized at all the growth that is still yet to come.

"SULTRY Company is a brand that will surely make an even greater positive impact on people’s sexual health and wellness as they grow. Bailor Group LLC is honored to get to be by your side on this journey as your growth consultant. Cheers to this momentous milestone marking your rebranding and grand reopening!" Sonya Bailor, President & CEO, Bailor Group LLC

In Photos: (from left to right) SULTRY Company owner Tiara Trudeau-Gullotta & Jason Gullotta (center), SULTRY team, and Sonya Bailor (right).


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