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Voting open on The Catalyst 2022 Entrepreneur Award

Sonya Bailor, President & CEO of Bailor Group is in the Running for the People’s Choice Award by The Catalyst, and you can vote for the People’s Choice Award winner now.

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William Thornton |

The Catalyst is honoring North Alabama’s entrepreneurs, and you can vote for the People’s Choice Award winner.

The award will be given to the local entrepreneur who receives the most votes on through Feb. 21. That person will be honored during the 7th Annual Entrepreneur Awards Feb 25 at 11 a.m.

The event will take place at Campus 805, 2620 Clinton Av W. in Huntsville.

The Entrepreneur Awards honor the skill, courage, and determination it takes for entrepreneurs to create a business out of an idea.

Among the honors are Entrepreneur of the Year, Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year, Creative Entrepreneur of the Year, Female Entrepreneur of the Year, Veteran Entrepreneur of the Year, Government Contracting Entrepreneur of the Year, Youth Entrepreneur of the Year, Non-profit Entrepreneur of the Year, People’s Choice Entrepreneur of the Year and the Joanne Randolph Entrepreneurial Champion of the Year.

You can get to know the nominees here. The voting will close on Sunday, Feb. 20 at 11:59 p.m.

For more information on the event, click here.

List of nominees here:

Who should win the 2022 People's Choice Award?

  • Janna Peterson

  • Dave Bristol

  • Kirsten Clark

  • Alex Brazelton Boyd

  • Erica DeSpain

  • Michael Portera

  • Tiffany Crenshaw

  • Buddy Lockwood

  • Alka Bhargav

  • Michele Kochoff Platt

  • Sonya Bailor

  • Juneil Bettis

  • Lauren Gowins

  • Brailynn Camille Granville

  • Dr. Cynthia Videau

  • Liliya

  • Matt Johnson

  • Maike DeMaria

  • Sandra Cepeda

  • Jocelyn R. Frazier

  • Steve Trash

  • Clark Crosson

  • Carla Stiles

  • Essence Nesbit

  • Christy S. Brown

  • Bhrea D. Jefferson

  • Michael Whitley

  • Karen Mockensturm

  • Andy Whitehead

  • Lisa Y. Grice

  • Phillip Wendling

  • Alissa Maasen

  • Holli K. Sealey

  • Christina Tabereaux

  • Claudelle White

  • Veronica A. Cram

  • Jason Swafford

  • Karen Ruffin

  • Kristina Hendrix

  • Lee Marshall

  • Dr. Brandon Hart

  • Curtis Taylor

  • Destiny Payton

  • Tim Thornton

  • Cori J. Pitts

  • Turkesa Lanier

  • Patricia Haley

  • Iesha Watts

  • Krisshonna Brown

  • Jordan #ChillCity Moore

  • Brett Jones

  • Nick Lasater

  • Crystal Brewer

  • Lindsey I. Odinma

  • Paulette Risher

  • Tiffany Draper

  • Tiara Trudeau-Gullotta

  • Tony Taylor

  • Sarah P. Willis

  • Pauline McFarlin

  • Ted Gulas

  • Chef Adyre Mason

  • Therisa Means

  • Trevor Grimes

  • Beth Barnby

  • Brienna Hamlet

  • Bailey Erickson

  • Angela Hawke

  • Maria Troupe


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