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Sonya Bailor is an entrepreneur, speaker, philanthropist, and successful growth strategist.  For over 20 years, her passion has been helping people and businesses grow to their next level.  Her mission is to make an impact on the world by inspiring positive change and helping people and businesses unlock their maximum growth.

Ms. Bailor is a leader that other leaders call upon. She is the President & CEO of Bailor Group LLC, a boutique consulting firm focused on growth strategy. She has been honored to lead growth strategy and organizational change management for companies ranging from small start-ups to Fortune 1000's. Her client list includes industries in healthcare, consumer goods, professional sports, spirits, and more. She has built a proven track record of transformational results in coaching and consulting both individuals and business clients.

Ms. Bailor is out to make an impact. She launched her consultancy at the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic to make an even greater impact and help more than one company at a time.  Growth strategy is how she thinks, it’s what she does.  And it’s what she does very well.

Ms. Bailor's philanthropic purpose comes from her pastAfter living a traumatic childhood, Sonya’s parents began taking her to motivational conferences as a teenager to balance the bad that she came out of. As entrepreneurs themselves, they ingrained into her the work ethic of ownership and servant leadership.  She has served on the boards of nonprofits such as Prevent Child Abuse Tennessee and The Star Gala for Education.  She has helped with fundraising efforts for organizations such as NFL Alumni Charities, Caring for Kids, American Cancer Society, Sexual Assault Center (RASAC), and K9s for Warriors.



Sonya Bailor has been honored to lead growth strategy and organizational change management for companies ranging from small start-ups to Fortune 1000’s over the last 20 years. Her client list includes industries in healthcare, technology, consumer goods, professional sports, professional services, and more. She has built a proven track record of transformational results through coaching and consulting both individuals and business clients. Sonya has always been very involved in the local community, giving back through board service at various nonprofits that fit into her personal mission of protecting and empowering woman and children, as well as donating pro-bono consulting hours as an expert business coach with The Catalyst Center for Business & Entrepreneurship.


She packaged her processes that she has used with each individual company.  This allowed her and her team to help multiple organizations simultaneously and have an even greater impact.  From that, she created a boutique consulting firm, Bailor Group LLC.  Adding private coaching and growth products such as the Growth Planner in 2022, with online courses in the works.  The result is what you see here today... and what is still yet to come as she and her team grow by helping more clients grow first.


Sonya Bailor and her team are highly skilled at developing strategies to unlock and drive massive personal and business growth, impacting operations by producing positive change, and creating an engaging customer experience.  Growth strategy is our way of life.  It's how we think, it's what we do.  And it's what we do very well.

Robert "Bob" Bailor, Sonya Bailor, Linda Bailor


After Sonya Bailor was finally out of the state system, living in an orphanage, then foster home, her mother made a conscious decision to overflow her daughter with as much good as she could - in an attempt to overpower the bad childhood that she had finally come out of.  From a pre-teenager, Sonya's mother and adopted dad raised her in church, as well as with a non-stop overflow of Zig Ziglar and Tony Robbin's audios, videos, and books.  Even the rarely heard of Zig Ziglar Singers cassette tapes were on repeat in her household from that time.  Sonya quickly showed leadership traits, and her mom & dad began bringing her with them attending many business and motivational conferences, such as Tony Robbins, Dale Carnegie, and other personal and business growth leaders.  The growth mindset was engrained into her as a foundation for who she is today.

Fast-forwarding into Sonya Bailor's marketing career, she went deep into the study of the human brain and human behavior - why people do what they do, why they respond the ways they respond, and so on - as well as deep communication skills.  This not only helped accelerate her career path up the marketing executive ladder while she was in the corporate world... it made her excellent at the niche of growth that she focuses on today.  Understanding how to unlock growth in people and businesses comes from both her entrepreneurial parents, her upbringing of grit and mindset, and the skills that she learned and studied along the way.  

(Sonya Bailor pictured to the left with her mother & adopted dad)

Build a roadmap for business success and help ensure growth.

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